“Every second, the equivalent of a rubbish truck load of clothes is burnt or buried in landfill.” – The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

We exist to question

We exist to reclaim

We exist to decentralize

We exist to decolonize

Humans behind the work

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Moving in Circles
Our zero-waste system

IRO IRO is a circular design collective based in Jaipur. We define Circular Design as a practice driven with empathy, empathy towards all beings, towards the planet, towards ourselves, and through empathy keeping materials in the value chain. For us the best way to execute such a practice is to work with waste, indigenous practices, people and the planet.

Discovering an Indian Identity

Decolonising Fashion

“The rural arts of India are the arts of the settled villages and countryside, of people with lives tuned to the rhythm of nature and its laws of cyclical change, an art with a central concern with the earth and with harvesting…The rural arts of India are the visual expression and technological processes that had remained static for over two thousand years…Rural arts are also the arts of people living in forests and mountains, the ancient inheritors of this land, who claim to be the first-born of the earth…..”(Jayakar, 1980/1989)

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Tonnes of CO₂ saved
Kilos of textile waste upcycled
Liters of Water saved

We love to think together and co-create systems!