Curiosity is a powerful thing- it can lead to questions, and questions often lead to solutions.

For iro iro, it started with a question - why it was that something as organic, as natural as clothing and fashion, had to be so polluting and harmful for the environment. To us, fashion has always been a reason to celebrate- something that uplifts the spirit, and creates happiness,not just for the individual, but for all those around.

So iro iro was formed, to bring happiness back to the planet, and to those who inhabit it. Our handwoven fabrics are up-cycled, woven with love and care by weavers from a village near Jaipur, India. Our small but growing family carefully creates patterns for your personality, all from fabric would otherwise have been sent to the landfill- and it’s not just the fabric that is finding new life. Every finished iro iro product represents the revival of a dying craft tradition. Every product sold supports a family of weavers, and enables them to pursue a profession they are passionate about, instead of having to move into the unorganised sector.

So, whenever you invest in an iro iro product, you’re not just buying a product, you’re contributing to a revolution-all whilst looking fabulous!